What is coronavirus and how deadly is coronovirus?

What is coronavirus and how deadly is coronovirus?: coronavirus is the group of viruses. In which different type of virus are merge. If it is be seen by micro scope then on the surface of this virus crown type of spikes are can be seen. That is why this virus is Named as corona.

How dangerous is coronavirus

Scientists are rushing to understand the corona virus Kovid-19, which is now rapidly growing and dangerous for global epidemics.

The number of confirmed cases worldwide exceeds 338,724 or 14,687 deaths and according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The number of corona cases is increasing day by day which is a major threat to the global. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

If we talk about the corona dangerous, the simple answer is that it can kill a human. The coronavirus is part of a family of viruses that include the common cold severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which was raised in China in 2002. Most people worldwide are infected with only four types of common corona virus.

Mostly corona virus is found inside the body of animals. But some times the corona virus that infects animals can also infect humans and make human corona virus. We have also come to know of other non-normal human corona viruses.

Symptoms of coronavirus

People can become ill with the virus for 1 to 15 days to develop symptoms of coronavirus. Coronavirus disease (Kovid-19) is the most common symptom of dry cough, fatigue, fever.

If a person is infected with the coronavirus, they experience headache, cough, sneezing and difficulty breathing, fever and fatigue. It causes inflammation in the lungs.

This virus spreads from one person to another that is why it is very dangerous.

How fast is the corona virus spreading

The corona virus is spreading very fast because a person who is infected with corona takes more than 10 days to develop symptoms of corona virus. And when the infected person comes in contact with a normal person, it also infects the normal person and at the same time this chain keeps growing.

It starts as a city in China and is now in (Ital, USA, Spain, Germany, Iran, Ukraine) and almost we can say that it has covered the whole world.

Because about 5 to 10 people in every country are infected with the corona virus and this count is increasing. This virus is very dangerous for those who have weak immune systems such as children and old people.

It is fatal for those who already have asthma, pneumonia etc.

If the normal person is infected with the corona virus, then that person can be recovered with the corona virus. According to a research, a total of 99,028 people were recovered in the world.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus?

It is most important to wash hands regularly, stop yourself by touching ears, nose, eyes and mouth. Use a mask when you have pimples or coughs. Use hand sanitizer when sneezing. If someone has cough and cold, then keep distance from that one meter person.

Corona virus is an epidemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared (COVID-19) the cause of the disease (Director General of Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO) is an epidemic.

WHO is helping with this fragmentation around the world and where deeply concerned with the level of severity of the spread and the alarming level of action we have to assess whether (COVID-19) could be an epidemic category

ENDEMIC: A disease that is common only to some area such as the city level and is usually present in a community area that prefers the spatial level.

EPIDEMIC: A disease that is common and spreads in many cities or some other national level> It can also occur in many countries.

PANDEMIC: A disease that occurs at the level of EPIDEMIC and goes global and infects a large number of people. It is spreading rapidly from person to person and in many cases its depth is more and it turns into a global epidemic.

Is there any vaccine

No specific vaccine has been found for the corona virus, but our scientists try its best. In some countries patients are recovered by some medicine.

According to BBC report at Jaipur SMS Hospital 3 corona virus infected patients are recovered by the drug retonavir. One of those two patients is from italic and one from Jaipur, who is 85 years old.

The hospital has proved that the patients’ reports are negative, but even now they will be kept in isolation ward under hospital supervision.

According to Jaipur SMS Hospital, corona virus is a new disease and is given due to the molecular structure of anti-drugs corona virus and HIV virus. The decision to give anti-HIV drugs lopinavir and ritonavir was taken by the senior team of doctors.

7 steps of the World Health Organization (WHO)

Seven steps to stop the spread of corona virus

  1. wash your hands frequently.
  2. avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose
  3. cover your cough with the bend of your elbow or tissue
  4. avoid public places
  5. stay at home if you feel unwell with mild fever and cough
  6. if you have fever cough and difficulty breathing. Seek medical care quickly, but call and call first.
  7. be aware of the latest information of WHO

Corona virus has four categories:

  1. ALPHA
  2. Beta
  3. GAMMA
  4. DELTA

In 1960, the corona virus was first introduced, which is found in humans. There are four common types of corona virus.

  1. 229E-alpha corona virus
  2. NL63-alpha corona virus
  3. OC43-Beta Corona Virus
  4. HKU1-beta corona virus.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and newly latest 2019- novel corona virus

2019- novel corona virus

It is a beta corona virus first known in Wuhan city of China. It is related to respiratory disease. The virus originated from a meat market in Wuhan. Origin is believed to be from bats.

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