NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Literature

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Literature


Question: What is permanent beauty  ?

Answer: Permanent beauty is that never decays with the  passing time .

Question:  Which beauty declines with passage of time ?

Answer: Physical beauty declines with passage of time .

Question : Where does spiritual beauty lie ?

Answer: Spiritual beauty lie where love is immortal and   everlasting.

Question: Who composed the poem ?

Answer: Thomas Crew composed the poem.


Question:-  What work was Manku trained to do ?

Answer:-  Manku was trained to do household activity and Conversation.

Question:- What  is the  main  difference  between  people  and  robots  that  we  learn  from  the story ?

Answer:-  The  main  difference  between  people  and  robots is people tellslie but robots don’t tell low.

Question:– How  did  the  man  from  Robotics  International  help  to  change  Ajay ?

Answer:–  The man from Robotics International said I’m afraid the Manku  robot  will  one  day  cause  a  mishap .  They  don’t  tell  lie.  Ajay  will  by  honest  from  how  he  will  never  till  lies  again.

Question:– His  father  would  be able  to convince  them  to  let  his  keep  the  Manku  robot”.  Who  are being  referred  to  as  ‘them’  and  what  would  they  have  to  be  convinced  about  ?

Answer:–  Them  is  referred  to  Robotics  International .  His  Father  convince  them  to  keep  manku robot.


Question:-  What did mike see when he arrived at the gate ?

Answer:   Mike saw that the gate was locked by a chain and Padlock when he arrived at the gate .

Question:-Why  did  Mike  not  climb  over  the  gate ?  Give  two  reasons.

Answer:-   Mike did not climb the gate because it was risky and he was now too  old  to  climb  the gate.

Question:- What  did  the  man  do  after  leaving  the  house  ?

Answer:-  Man walk very slowly to reach the gate  and  then  he  fumbled with the key and finally opened the gate .

Question:- What  kind of room was Nina sitting  in ?

Answer:-   Nina   was  sitting  in  a  large  and  dark  living  room  with  heavy  certain and dull light .

Question:-  How  did  Marmaduke  react  to  Mike ?

Answer:-  Marmaduke  raged  and  leaped  forward  Mike .

Question:-  How  did  Mike  leave  the  property  ?

Answer:-  Mike  raced  towards  the  gat e and  then  leaped  up  and  over  the  gate .


Question: Who is the Captain in this poem ?

Answer: Abraham Lincoin is the captain in this poem.

Question: Why is the poet mourning ?

Answer: The poet is mourning at the death of Captain.

Question: What do you mean by “ Bouquets of Ribboned wreaths “ ?

Answer: “ Bouquets of Ribboned wreaths “ means the wreaths for the welcome of the Captain.

Question: Who composed this poem ?

Answer: This poem composed by walt white man.


Question: When did the Spring come again into the garden ?

Answer: The spring come again into the garden who the children entered the garden through a little hole in the garden‘s wall.

Question: What did the Giant say to the children ?

Answer: The giant asked to the children  what were they doing there and this is his own garden.

Question: Why was the giant rewarded ?

Answer: The Giant was rewarded because once he left the small boy play his garden.

Question: Where did the children play in the evening ?

Answer: The children played in the Giant‘s Garden.

Question: Why was the Giant not happy even after this ?

Answer: The Giant not happy even after this because he was missing the small boy and was eager to meet him.

Question: How did the children feet now ?

Answer: The children felt very happy now as the giant allowed them to play in his garden and was very kind to them.


Question: Why did Ali Coglia put his jar to Hussein ?

Answer:  Ali coglia put his jar to Hussein to take care of it .

Question: When did Hussein open the jar?  What he found in it ?

Answer: Hussein open the jar when his wife asked him for olives he found gold pieces in it.

Question: What Judgement was given by Caliph ?

Answer: The Caliph gave beating as the judgement.

Question: Which game was being played by the children ?

Answer: The children were playing convert noun with Ali and Hussein in the moon light.

Question: What happened in the end  ?

Answer:  Hussein felt Shame by the Boy’s judgement and told he had hurried the gold piece

in the garden.


Question: What did Johnsy want to do someday ?

Answer: Johnsy wanted to point Bay of Nobles.

Question: How had Behrman helped Johnsy ?

Answer: Behrman placed a drawn leaf on the Old ivy vine.

Question: Justify he title “The Miracle Leaf”.

Answer: The title is Totally justified as it was the leaf only that helped Johnsy recover from Pnemonia.

Question: Who was the unseen stranger and what was its effect ?

Answer:  The Behrman was the unseen stranger and it was be cause of his painted leaf  than Johnsy survived.

Question: Lying is bad what did Johnsy do ? How did it make her feel ?

Answer: Johnsy counted the falling ivy leaf laying in her bed. It make her to feel as if they both are connected and when the last falls she will also die.


Question: Who has composed the poem? Where was he going ?

Answer: Robert Frost has composed the poem and He was returning home from somewhere.

Question: Why did the poet stop near the woods ?

Answer: The poet stopped near the woods to see the snow fall.

Question: Why did the horse think it queer ?

Answer: The horse think it queer because there was no Farmhouse where they stopped.

Question: What does the horse do to attract the poet’s attention  ?

Answer: The horse attract’s the poet’s attention by shaking his hardness bell.

Question: Could the poet shop there for long to enjoy the beauty of nature ? If not , why ?

Answer: The poet could not stop there for long to enjoy the beauty of nature because he has various promises to keep and has to cover a long distance .


Question: Why did Sanku curse himself  ?

Answer: Sanku curse himself because his wife was pregnant again.

Question: What were Sanku’s problems ?

Answer: Sanku‘s main problems was loom repayment . He will get only eight and half rupees and has to pay twenty two rupees thirteen paise.

Question: Why did Sanku not steal the watch after all ?

Answer:  Sanku could not steal the watch after all because of his cowardice and vacillation.

Question: How do you know that Sanku is not a thief really.

Answer: Sanku first side the watch and than he felt regret and put the watch at its place this clear that Sanku is not a thief really .

Question: Why was Sanku Tempted to steal the gold watch ?  How did he go about it  ?

Answer: Sansku’s debt  Tempted him to steal the lunch time to assure that everybody leaves and then walked towards the room stretched his hand out and  grabbed the gold watch.


Question: Why did the parents call the child ?
Answer: The parents called the child because he was gathering flowers.

Question: What were the things which attracted the child most in the fair ?
Answer: The child was attracted towards flowers, sweetmeat seller, Flower – seller, juggler and around about.

Question: Why did parents call the child again and again ?
Answer: The parents called the child again and again because he was attracted towards many thing stood still.

Question: Where was the child lost and how ?
Answer: The parents was lost near the around about. The was lost because he was busy watching the round about in its full swing.

Question: Where did the child finally want in the story ‘The lost child’ ?
Answer: The child was lost and at least he early wanted his mother and father.


Question: Describe the worst type of sever test given to Gagarin ?
Answer: Gagarin gave various sever tests including loud voice, sheet in a darkened room and parachute training.

Question: What did Gagarin imagine when he was shut in a darkened room ?
Answer: Gagarin imagine as if he is in space cabin in orbit looking at the world passing beneath him and sometimes he even recited half remembered poetry.

Question: How was the fear of the lift crashing prevented as it reached room ?
Answer: He was warried if the parachutist had failed to open but he landed safely.

Question: What is the meaning of weightlessness ?
Answer: Weightlessness means being without apparent weight or as a free falling body.


Question: What are the qualities of life ?
Answer: Life is real and earnest .

Question: What is the purpose or aim of our life ?
Answer: The purpose of our life is to achieve higher goals by making the full use of our ability and hardwork.

Question: What does the poet want us to do ?
Answer: The poets wants us to make most out of our life and inspire us to participate in the work and activities of life

Question: What does the poet give us in the fourth stanza ?
Answer: To poet advice us to participate in the different activities and not to waste our life sitting dumb .

Question: How can we make our life wholesome , useful and successful .
Answer: We can make our whole some use full and successful by hard work .

Question: Write the central idea of the poem .
Answer: The central idea of the poem is that the poet ask us that our aim is to enjoy and be sorry for thing in life , but to yet and fight the battle of life with courage and hard work .


Question: Describe the man who borrowed money twice from the author ?
Answer: The man who borrowed money twice from the author was a gentle man with a melodious voice .

Question: Why was the author’s wife not ready to give him Rs 50 ?
Answer: The author’s wife not ready to give him Rs 50 because she believed that man will cheat him and will not return the money .

Question: The author could not help the sick boy . What was the reason ?
Answer: The author couldn’t help the sick boy because he was doubtful back and fearful of losing money .

Question: Who helped the sick boy and how much ?
Answer: Pandit Prithvi raj gave Rs 15 to the boy and helped him .


Question: Who was laying on Bhima ’s Path ?
Answer: A monkey was laying on Bhima ’s Path.

Question: How did Bhima try to move the monkey’s tail ?
Answer: Bhima try to move the monkey’s tail by his club .

Question: How could Bhima identify the monkey ?
Answer: Bhima was unable to move the monkey’s tail by his club and even with both his hands this made him identify the monkey was God .

Question: Why did Draupadi want more Sawgandhika flowers ?
Answer: Draupadi had never seen such a beautiful flowers with thousand of brightly colouredpetals and a strange intoxicating fragrance thod is why she wanted some more Sawgandhika flowers.

Question: How did Bhima find out the direction to be followed to get the flowers ?
Answer: Hanuman told Bhima the direction to be followed to get flowers .


Question: What do you mean by ‘unity in diversity ‘ ?
Answer: Unity in diversity means that India culture isso diverse even the man India is an Indian .

Question: Where can be seen the diversity of India ?
Answer: The diversity of India can be seen from Khyber pass of the Himalayas to the southern tip of India .

Question: What was ‘ Taxila ‘ famous for ?
Answer: Taxila was famous for changing the metal background of people nearly two thousand year ago .

Question: How is the conception of nationalism helpful to those Indians who reside in other nations ?
Answer: The conception of nationalism has developed as much more , India from a national group and hang together in other countries .

Question: What things make the diversity of India clear ?
Answer: The feeling of being an Indian and the much respected belief in Indian values and culture makes the diversity of Indian clear.


Question: Why do you think the poet cannot remember his mother ?
Answer: The poem I cannot remember my mother Rabindranath Tagore is actually opposite of the title because he always remember his mother every time .

Question: What activities remind the poet of his mother ?
Answer: When the poet is playing , preying and even when up he always remember his mother.

Question:-Which thing in autumn reminds the poet of his mother ?
Answer: The smell of the shiuli flower in the autumns reminds the poet of his mother .

Question: What does the poet see in the blue sky ?
Answer: The poet sees his mother goes in the blue sky .

Question: Who has composed this poem ?
Answer: Rabindranath Tagore has composed this poem .


Question: What do you think the soldiers were doing near the submerged huts ? What do you learn from you learn from your soldiers family ?
Answer: The soldiers were looking for any alive person and rescue his/her. The young soldier’s family was brave and hopeful.

Question: Why did the boy’s face grow pole ? Why did the boy want to say where he was ?
Answer: Boy’s face grew pole because the soldiers asked him his parents were alive or not and replied they were he was hopeful that his laxmanbhaiya will come and rescue me .

Question: Do you think the father really believed that laxman would come to save them ?
Answer: The father really believed that laxmancome to save bhaiya will come the boy because he known that the army will come and rescue him for rescue and take him to the relief camp.

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