How to use computer for beginners

Welcome to Now we will discuss about How to use computer for beginners. This free learning course is designed for computer basic students who are completely unaware of computer basic concepts, but have basic understanding of training others.

In this course you will get a basic introduction in various computer sections:

  • Types of computers and how to switch them.
  • How you use it to control your computer & Mouse.
  • How to turn on your computer.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Switch on your computer
  • Using the mouse
  • What is the mouse for
  • How to hold the mouse
  • How to use mouse to select a file, open and move items on your computer
  • Desktop and icon
  • What do you get on your desktop
  • Start button, task-bar, menu bar and toolbar
  • How to get between windows
  • How to hide a window, enlarge a window and close a window
  • Using the keyboard
  • What does the keyboard look like
  • What do the various keys do and how to use them
  • Internet access
  • What is Internet
  • Understanding how the Internet works
  • Using a web browser
  • Internet browsing
  • Searching the Internet
  • Why use a search engine
  • Opening and using a search engine
  • Improve your search
  • Stay safe online
  • Software that keeps your information safe on your computer
  • How to identify and prevent suspicious emails
  • How to create a strong password for use on websites
  • For more information and where to go
  • Use email
  • Sending and receiving email
  • Further help for beginners
  • Glossary of useful words
  • Learn the basics Want to know more?

How to use computer for beginners

Take advantage of this course called How to use computers for beginners to improve your others skills and understand computers better. This course is compatible with all computer basic free learning courses to improve your level as well as your knowledge.

All you have to do is download free learning courses, open it and start learning computers for free. This free learning course is designed for beginner computers to help them understand basic computer basic others. After completing this course, you will find yourself at an expert level in Computer Basic, from where you can take yourself to the next level.

How to use computer for beginners

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